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Our custom tailored Smart Home Automation solutions bring elegance, sophistication, efficiency, and comfort with a design based on your needs and wants now and more importantly in the future.

Ever want your lights to turn on and off as you enter and leave a room? Have your house lock and arm itself by simply leaving? Or maybe you just want to enjoy that theatre quality experience in the comfort of your own home.

Whatever your flavour may be we ensure you unlock every bit of potential your system has to offer all with a quality white glove service.

Professional Services

Meeting Your Needs

Smart Lighting

Centralized & Wireless

Take control of your lights and have them follow you around your home. Alert you and your neighbors of an emergency, or simply adjust your brightness and select your lighting to fit your mood using our circadian and human centric lighting systems


Your limits are your imagination.


Window Treatment

Shades & Tints

Elegance, privacy, and efficiency all "rolled" into one. Keep your winters warmer and summers cooler and your wallet heavier with the energy efficient savings from window shades. Or get all the benefits of traditional window shades with sleek discrete automated window tints and frosting

Multi-room Audio / Video

Multi-room Audio & Distributed Video

Enjoy your favourite song or show in any part of your home at anytime with the push of a button or by simply telling your home what to play and where. Let your home know when you arrived and automagically start playing your favourite mix or turn on your TV to your favourite station.

Custom AV.jpg

Security / Surveillance

Wired & Wireless

Enjoy piece of mind in or away from your home. See what's happening day and night with advanced surveillance. Lock your house and arm your security just by leaving. Let your home contact you in case of a problem keeping you in the know.

Climate Control

Stay Comfortable

Watch as your system builds a schedule by simply learning your daily habits. Don't worry about managing the climate of your house let your house manage it for you. Adjust your temperature in your home from anywhere in the world.



Wired & Wireless

The back bone of home automation and a necessity in our daily lives. Have full high speed WiFi accessible in every area of your home inside and out. Keep yourself safe and secure with robust network security and enjoy stability and piece of mind with professional remote management.

Home Theatre

Custom Solutions

See the big game like never before or enjoy a full cinematic experience with the family for movie night. Enjoy rich crisp sound with vivid high definition video, custom designed just for your liking.

Custom Home Theatre.png
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