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Smart Film

Privacy with one click 

Multiple levels of transparency with just one click 0 -100%!

No Moving parts

Say goodbye to maintenance! 

maintenance Free

No more cleaning those dust collecting blinds and curtains

Expand your space

A new way to improve your flow and expand your space



Also known as Smart Tint, Smart Glass or Automatic Tinting. Smart-Film allows for instant privacy with the flick of a switch. Each and every SMART FILM is
customized for the perfect fit.

Smart FilmOff.jpg


Smart-Film provides instant frost/tint to your glass giving you a modernized look with the added bonus of the wow factor! A new way to improve your flow and expand your space by getting rid of old clunky shades and dust collecting curtains.

Origin Story

SMART FILM by WHEELLOK TECHNOLOGY was founded in 2014 in Ontario Canada with the mission to supply high quality switchable privacy film with the best quality, guaranteed customer service and satisfaction to its global clientele. Our goal is to maintain its position as a leading
switchable privacy film supplier.

Smart Film Designs.png
SmartFilm After.jpg
SmartFilm Before.jpg
  • Certified with Crestron and Lutron

  • Remote Control Ability

  • Combine with Motion Sensors and Step Plates

  • Red, Blue, Green, White Frost, Grey & Traditional Tint colours available 

  • Blocks 99% of Damaging UV Rays

  • Long Life, Tested at 3 Million Switches

  • Dimming Ability

Clara Shades Residence 11 (1).jpg

Improve Privacy

With Smart Film and the flick of a switch receive privacy on demand where privacy is needed most. 


Cleaning the bathroom just got easier.


Motorized Blinds

Smart Film allows you to maximize your space and improve the flow of any room when compared to traditional Motorized Blinds and Shades still providing a clean, modern and elegant look.


Commercial Window Treatment Services

Glass Partitions and Office Space

Sometimes Motorized Blinds and Shades or Curtains may not be suitable for the needs of the office space. Smart Film provides an exceptional alternative to your traditional options. Also superior to traditional tint that remains constant which can dim the mood and flow of your light, space, employees and clients.


Consult - Design - Estimate - Implement

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