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About Gravity Tech

Providing Smart Automation Technology Home & Business

Gravity Tech has taken on the growing need to provide Smart Home Automation Technology to both commercial and residential markets in southern Ontario including the GTA and cottage country. 


Gravity Tech has been on the front line of the industry as it grows and has experience in both residential and commercial solutions. We are proud to represent the quality of work provided and continue to foster and build new relationships across the GTA. We are always learning and staying up to date with new trends and technologies entering the field. Gravity Tech can work with simple solutions managing your wiring, network and security needs to custom design incorporating Smart Home Automation Technology with coordinated and timed events, full control solutions and remote access. 


A Few Examples of Smart Home Automation Technology we can provide with Full Control and Remote Access


Smart Film

Smart Lighting 

Smart Windows and Shades 

Wiring, Network and Security 

Audio and Visual

Home Theatre, Entertainment and Custom Media Control

HVAC / Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Control

Custom Commands and Events


We unlock the full potential of your system and let you experience all that a smart home or business has to offer. Create a more inviting and efficient atmosphere. We work with you to design and implement the perfect system catered just to your liking whether that's Home or Business. 


Simplify Your Life

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