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Smart Mirror - Is it actually Practical?

Smart Mirrors have been talked about for a long time and have been featured in many movies. The concept of creating a large mirrored touch pad has been around for a long time but only now has it finally reached a refined and affordable level that can be easily integrated into your smart home.

To get the most out of your Smart Mirror we recommend one for your front hall/foyer. We find that most homes have a mirror in their front hall and this is a great new way to take advantage of your space.

Replacing your standard mirror for a Smart Mirror can allow it to double as your front hall touchpad. Connect it to Control4 and access all your systems from your front hall mirror on your way in or out of the home. Cycle through your security cameras for one last check and set your system to away mode on the way out.

Android base OS allowing use for commonly used apps for added convenience.

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