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Speakers are Pizza

Often times we hear in the industry high end products being compared to off the shelf models sold at your local box store for a much lower price. The most common example would be speakers and audio equipment to be precise. Most people when they think "why is this more money?" usually equate it to being able to produce louder and more clear audio but its so much more than that.

Lets put this into a relatable example. Pizza...

I am sure you are aware there are many different brands of Pizza shops and you most likely have a favorite. At the end of the day all the Pizza shops serve up dough, sauce, cheese and toppings but yet they are all different.

Take it one step further and rank them in terms of quality while comparing price. Little Cesare's, Pizza Pizza, Pizza Hut.

Where the magic happens is in the quality of ingredients, presentation and process of putting it together (its engineering). So just like pizza there are a wide range of speakers that are of different quality and one can only appreciate the true value when seeing the full picture.

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