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AI vs AI - Good and Evil Showdown

Since AI is on the rise and all the rage right now I wanted to share some more insights on the topic. AI is here to stay, that's clear. Even if North America puts a block and slows down on AI development until safe guards are put in place its to late and wont come fast enough. The world has AI now so it will still get used with or without us and having no control can be an even more dangerous game to play.

What we need is AI to fight AI. AI can turn a kid who has a grudge into a hacker now and making the professionals obsolete. With the possibilities of internet security, data collection and private info at stake it seems like its about to hit open season. AI can have your voice come out and say whatever it wants in your tone in any langue with your dialect and create deep fakes to match.

AI is about to bring Fake News into a new era and we must be vigilant

Incoming information and data presented to you should be verified if it had AI manipulation. Is this a real photo? Is this a real company? You should be able to ask your guard dog why is this ad showing up and have it give a proper response along the lines of "no problem, let me tell you. This morning you clicked on a YouTube Video about Condo Gardening. From there that data was sold to a marketing agency who then used Facebook user data to narrow down that anyone who has watched that video and falls under these categorizes have this add auto populated. Would you like me to disable it? Would you like me to tell you more about the chain on how your data was fed or place some restrictions on ads now? Etc... We need some version of this ASAP and as a society make it know its top priority.

AI should tell you if what you are seeing is real. If this phone call or email is scam. Is it the duct cleaning guys again?! No Ducts! Sheeesh. A new form of BOT is coming beware. All we can do is prepare for it and arm ourselves with the best weapons for defense fighting AI with AI.

Password Tip - When choosing your passwords keep in mind you arnt trying to outwit a human, you are trying to outthink a computer... which essentially wont happen. The best you can do for now is switch your passwords to phrases increasing the digit count as much as possible. The longer the better and easy to remember.


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