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Connecting You so You can Connect Better

Why is it important to incorporate Smart Automation Technology into your business and where do you even begin? With so many upgrade options its hard to know what to prioritize. Consider what you have, what you want and actually what you need.

Lets simplify this for you -

  • What type of business are you?

  • Do you want to improve business operations or customer experience? Why not both?

The most universal upgrade package revolves around improving security. Cameras, recording equipment and sensors have come a long way in the past 10 years. With the ability to send push notifications to your phone for alerts and access live camera viewing you can check in when you cant.

Smart film, lighting and shades are often overlooked and under estimated at the value they bring to your showroom and office setting. Not only is it convenient and efficient to have your long line of switches replaced with sleek and interactive control panels but you can even access and control your lighting through apps on your phone and schedule commands to make sure the lights are on during important hours but not overnight. With this automation ability and improved energy efficiency lighting you can reduce your energy costs for you and your business.

Lastly, I think we all have some sort of understanding how light effects your mood. What people usually forget is how directly a poorly lit room can effect the frame of mind for both your employees and customers. A dim and dingy atmosphere and poor lighting causing excessive shadows all cause a strain on your mind whether you are thinking about it or not. Your eyes have to strain constantly adjusting, fatigue sets in faster and in the end you build up an unknown level of hidden stress and become easily agitated.

From my experience people who are agitated and frustrated don't make the best customers or employees.

In conclusion, upgrading your security and lighting solutions are a great way to modernize and update your business operations. Contact Gravity Tech for all your Commercial Smart Automation Needs.

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