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Josh AI - Smart Home AI System - Bringing a new layer of automation to smart homes

Have you heard of Josh AI? We aren't talking about Marvels Jarvis from Iron Man...yet. More along the lines of Arthur C. Clarkes HAL 9000 from Space Odyssey without the unnerving... side effects.

Here at Gravity Tech we had a chance to work with Josh AI and love his ability to incorporate and manage smart homes. Communicate with Josh at a more sophisticated level then the standard competition can provide.

Ask Josh for multiple commands at once. "Hey Josh, play my playlist 7, dim the lights to 30%, lower shades, turn smart film on to 100% and start the fireplace" I am still debating on if to say please and thank you.

The most important thing about Josh AI is this a personized and secure AI for your home and network. No need to worry about wondering if that device is listening and selling off your data... I think we have all thought by now "how did this ad show up 20 minutes after I was just chatting about it."

Josh doesnt just need you to tell him what to do either. Give him the green light and he can be taught to automate and learn your preferences. "Hey Josh, if I come home tonight and am up walking around by 8:00am, can you please raise the shades, turn the bathroom heated floors on and brew a pot of coffee for me. Thanks. Still feels weird not saying please and thank you...

We are excited to work with JoshAI bringing a new layer of automation to smart homes.

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