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New Smart Film - Tint on demand

Updated: May 2, 2023

Bringing tint on demand. With the click of a button, Smart-Film provides instant frost/tint to your glass giving you that modernized look with the added bonus of the wow factor!

No moving parts - Unlike other privacy systems, durable SMART FILM has no pulleys, strings, fixtures or chains to wear out, tangle up or get stuck.

No moving parts means - Maintenance-free enjoyment.

Easy to clean. While curtains and blinds collect dirt and dust, SMART FILM requires only the occasional wipe down.

A new way to expand your space by getting rid of old clunky shades and dust collecting curtains. Improve the efficiency and flow. For both residential and commercial, the possibilities are endless. Smart Flim can allow your glass partitions a new level of on demand privacy. Take it one step further with your branding and marketing abilities with Smart-Film as this now allows you to use the frosted glass as backdrop for a projection screen.

New Smart Film provided by Gravity Tech and Smart-Film


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