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Real First Hand Experience - Car and Restaurant industry Need Security System upgrades

Updated: May 8, 2023

You might not be aware if you have never worked in a brick and mortar retail business but if you have then you will appreciate this. During my career history I had the opportunity to work in the Food and Service industry as well as Automotive. As a closing manager you are often responsible for locking up and arming the system.

Here's where we begin.

I lost count at the times I had to run around and check all the doors and windows since the security system was registering a contact was open stopping it from arming. The nightly wild goose chase was on. If you have a large property this can take its time! Sometimes it can feel unnerving lurking around in the shadows alone late a night checking the side and back doors of your building. I can only imagine that feeling getting worse depending on some obvious variables. Wouldnt it be nice if the system showed you a notification of which door was open stopping it from arming. Possibly why its not arming and a feed to access to visually view the issue. Oh wait, thats a standard now.

I remember on more than a handful of occasions showing up to open up the car dealership or restaurant and speaking with the GM hearing "how the alarm went off last night". Apparently someone forgot to lock the back door and the wind blew it open... but no one knew that at the beginning. The process essentially ends up with the police being notified and the store owner or representative have to show up to verify and solve the problem.

When I heard this I was shocked! There must be a safer and easier way. I couldnt comprehend that the process was, system alerts, police call you asking if you need assistance but you dont know unless you go and check into what could be a potentially dangerous situation. What if your business is currently being robbed or other versions of criminals have targeted you. Shouldnt you be able to check what type of situation you are about to walk into? Its 2023 after all!

These issues still exist because companies need to invest in upgrading their security systems. Employee safety and wellbeing should always be in the top priority list. In todays world of security systems its as simple as linking into your live camera feeds to make sure the coast is clear. Use motion sensor data and alerts to verify suspicions. For example: Alert notification sends saying "Back Door Open", Motion Sensor Detected in Back Hall Way, Back Stair, Back Office. You can see from this chain it wasnt just the back door opening but someone coming in from the back door and going to the office. Switch into your cameras live feeds and verify its just Bill who forgot his phone in the office after he locked up. On the reverse side it could be a very dangerous situation you may be able to avoid walking into while being able to provide authorities with a more detailed and accurate account of what is or has happened.

In the end, simple security system upgrades seem like a no brainer for the safety of both your employees and business with the added bonus of convenience, efficiency and operational power.

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