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Schools Out - How often do you check in with your kids when they are home alone?

Finally the good weather has graced us with her presence. Pools are opening and BBQ's are firing up. Its finally time to kick back and relax, unless by chance you are a parent, then it never stops. Schools out, kids are home but you still have to work. That lovely grey area of time where you trust your children to be responsible, come home after school and do the right thing. Today with smart phones communication is easier than ever but inadvertently causes a lack of independence growth. Its sad to know that aspect in our society has slowly disappeared by the saturation of tech. But hey, when in Rome...

Smart home automation technology helps to satisfy that parental urge to "check in". Perhaps putting independence growth aside, you may very well need to "check in". The kids said they wanted to invite some friends over after school so they could go swimming. Receive live notification alerts when contacts or motion sensors are triggered and cycle through your cameras to check in on little Jimmy. Assuming little Jimmy has a smart phone, he can also access the security camera apps if granted, and check who's ringing the doorbell while still pool side. Safety first. Maybe little Jimmy was supposed to cut the grass before inviting friends over. Well, cycle through those cameras and check in.

Smart home automation can be a unique way to manage some of those parental needs. We have come a long way from the audio only baby monitor. Understanding the balance of "not checking in" may be harder then ever these days but is just important in child growth, trust & independence development.

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