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Smart Films Practical Uses for Home & Business

If you were around or remember the classic 1982 Harrison Ford film Blade Runner, you may have seen this tech long ago in the sci-fi flick. Its taken a long time for Ridley Scott's imagination to come true but Smart Film is finally affordable and practical at the consumer level.

Lets paint a picture here for you. If you take a look at many homes these day you will often find frosted glass on the front door and side windows. Perhaps the home office as well because you need the privacy but still want the light to come through.

This is a perfect example where Smart Film can replicate the look but also provide on/off, dimming and remote access control functions. In short this means you can choose your privacy level on demand keeping your kids floating heads pressed up on the glass out of your zoom meeting.

When it comes to business and commercial Smart Film works wonders on glass partitions for meeting places like offices and boardrooms. Providing a functional and modern look with a bit of wow factor. Immerse your client in comfort and help set the tone.

Knowing people are walking behind you and could be looking over your shoulder activates a subconscious and physical reaction for most people. Have you ever felt that chill run up your spine when someone/something unknown is behind you? Pretty sure most will agree they have experienced this. This is your natural human defense mechanism gauging whether or not fight, flight or freeze is necessary and the last thing you want when trying to negotiate with your customer. The added stress of negotiating and daunting feeling of spending a lot of money even if planned and affordable by the customer are all stresses building up effecting their mental state and most likely more resistant to your pitches.

Smart Film is a new way to freshen up and modernize your home as well as providing unique privacy level depth to your business improving the employee and customer experience. Visit for more information and view our demo video.

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